Writing me a Promo Mail

I get a lot of mail. Really, a lot. usually from ten to twenty emails per day (well including Floodmail) and I read at least almost all of them, except for the double ones. But most of the time it feels like a waste of time since people don’t know how to write a proper promo mail so I’m gonna write a short article on how to do it in such a way that will benefit you and me the most.

1. Don’t just randomly pick email adresses for random blogs. If you make rap music, find a blog that might really like your stuff. If you make pop, rock, metal, country (yes I’ve gotten those too), rap, hiphop etc. DON’T bother mailing me. My blog is for electronic music only.Usually I won’t even bother to reply if you haven’t had the courtesy to visit my blog.

So, only mail blogs that are into the same kind of music what you do or represent.

2. Okay now, you’ve found a blog you wanna contact, what should you do? If they have an email address somewhere, use that. I get my mails directly to my phone and it’s very easy to quickly read them through. If there’s a twitter, facebook or some other link, you can also use that, just make sure that they really do use that. I don’t really use twitter anymore, haven’t updated for an while so I for example don’t read my private messages there. Links and promo mails on a facebook wall is a bit too disturbing, use private messages, they’re also easier to get back to later.

In a nutshell, email is always the best, but you can use different kinds of social medias as long as you’re sure that the blogger uses it frequently.

3. What should the mail consist of? My mailbox doesn’t have an infinite amount of space so please don’t attach anything. Not pictures, no mp3′s and no fucking .zip’s, it’s fucking annoying to download a 100mb zip just to find out that it is full of shit music. If you must send me a picture, cover art, logo’s or anything, use some free hosting service like, imageshack or something. The best place to host your tunes is of course SoundCloud. It’s easy to stream from there and you don’t force me to download the song first. Private sharing is also one of the good features, works even for the free accounts.

Don’t attach anything, use SoundCloud

Some big no’s which you should avoid:

- Don’t mass mail. Or if you do, try make it look like you are personally contacting them. Don’t do like Black Cherry, ended up with a mass spamming in my mail. They didn’t hide all of the email adresses which they mailed and every reply they got, was also sent to around a hundred other bloggers.

- Don’t attach big files

- Don’t zip stuff up

- Don’t send rap to an electronic blog

- Don’t just send a mail with two links and stuff, always write a short bio and attach links to your SoundCloud, Facebook etc.

- Don’t spam the same mail to me over and over again. For example, Tim MCJ sends me a mail like once a week promoting his first release. It’s the same fucking song everytime and it’s not even good. If I don’t reply, don’t spam me with the same link again. If you’re like “hey I’m new and I’d like to learn how to make music” it’s cool and I’ll try to help you but if you send me a shitty tune like

J ROYAL – DON’T STOP from abteen on Vimeo.

and are like going apeshits and say “OH HAY CHECK OUT MY COOL NEW RELEASE IT’S SUPERGOOD”, it’s rather disappoint and  very irritating when repeated several times.

Plus, it’s common policy to send the tunes you want promoted, in full quality for the bloggers personal use. If you want me to write about your newest EP, send me it in at least 320kbps mp3, I usually won’t else do the posts.

Also, you  must clearly say which tunes can be given out for free, which should be downcoded or which should be streamable only.

And Last but not least:

E-mail :  ;)

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