Yolanda Be Cool – Villalobos For Presidente (Dubbel Dutch Remix)

by beatfluence on Feb.17, 2011, under News

I’m 100% sure you’ve heard those flute notes before. It was used in countless house tracks, and it still does the trick: you’re immediately mind-teleported in a foreign tribe of cute Ewok-looking creatures. Dubbel Dutch refreshed Villalobos For Presidente to the new year’s taste for more mind adventures. Download it for free here.

Direct Download: Yolanda Be Cool – Villalobos For Presidente (Dubbel Dutch Remix) 320kbps

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Canblaster – Clockworks

by beatfluence on Feb.17, 2011, under News

Canblaster is giving away for free the opening track of his brand new EP Master of Complication. It’s called Clockworks and you guessed why; yes, almost every sound in the song is coming from a clock, or a watch mechanism, or a metronome, or a pendulum… although technically no significant sound could come out of a pendulum… Anyway, make sure to keep an eye on this clever beatmaking youngster, he’s one of those french geniuses to watch. Checkout the EP on Beatport; remixes by Teki Latex & Para One, Bambounou, Jubilee and Magnum.

Direct Download: Canblaster – Clockworks (Original Mix) 320kbps

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French Fries – Laquisha EP

by beatfluence on Feb.16, 2011, under News

Holy Shit! it just got released!!; French Fries delivers Laquisha, a great departure from his gigantic dutch house hit from last year, Senta. The young french producer has been flirting with his fancier beatmaking side lately (see With You, a much acclaimed collaboration with Youngunz labelmates Chaos In The CBD, and Amerie’s One Thing remix), so even though Laquisha could be labeled as a banger due to its heavy percussions and obvious reggaeton influence, there’s a definite more mature and sophisticated feel to it, majorly because of those omnipresent synths that are rapidly becoming his trademark. The EP contains three originals, each getting a remix by J-Wow, Canblaster and Lil’ Silva. Get it on Beatport.

French Fries – Laquisha feat. Taiwan

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by beatfluence on Feb.07, 2011, under News

This is not a sell out post, I don’t do those. Nu-uh, but it just happens to be so, that The Rockstars (who by the way makes some nice dubstep tunes! Check ‘em out here) made a remix of Biebs’ Never Say Never and it’s pretty funky. If you need to play a sell out set like I had to a few weeks ago, you should definitely check this out.
Justin Bieber – Never Say Never (The Rockstars Remix) by THE ROCKSTARS
Have fun, and sorry for the lack of posts, I’ll start to dump older tunes like today or tomorrow!

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DJ Fixx [Fixx Music] VOTE!

by beatfluence on Jan.21, 2011, under News


Normally i wont put things like this on the site,

But i gotta ask :)   please vote for My man DJ Fixx  to win the starbeach DJ Contest!.  he’s allmost there but just needs that little extra.  He deserves it!

Not sure yet? visit his website
Show the love and add him on Twitter

Fixxtape Vol.2 Summer edit. by Dj Fixx

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Little update

by beatfluence on Nov.17, 2010, under News


Just decided i’m gonna spin some more tracks in clubs.. that hasn’t been my occupation quite lately.. yet ive been making mixtapes.. fell in love with the whole live playing with records and it’s allot of fun actualy.
Playing with the hotcue’s and effects on my Ns7..
Also planning to throw som major party’s soon..

Why? because i have connections.. and to be honest.. just because i can..
It’s getting colder and people are starting to freeze.
Trying to get some other dj’s aswell


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Promo – unbelievable

by beatfluence on Nov.12, 2010, under News

Okay Okay, are you ready for some cheerfull DAftPunk Like sounds?
So just click it and enjoy.. when it’s done, it will have some sweet ass vocals and make everyone dance like they were zapped back in time! =)

Allready got some kick-ass remixers for the track but it’s all a big mistery yet to be unveiled.



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Beatfluence – Unbelievable

by beatfluence on Nov.10, 2010, under News

Samples…? Yes you want a taste?
Can’t have none yet..
it will be released soon enough though! :-) For those who had the promo.. imagine that with some mad vocals! :)

Oh joy!

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Little Last minute update! || TICKETS||

by beatfluence on Nov.10, 2010, under News

AMERSFOORT… Just got last minute info that the last tickets to zandfoort A/d eem I LOVE THURSDAY Is sold the F out.. Fear not ;) you might acually have one more day to fix yourself a ticket Via
Go there and do it quickly!
Let me give you a little description on the side aswell.

Amersfoort moet uitgroeien tot een bruisende studentenstad waar ook op donderdagavond wat te beleven is! I Love Dondernacht is de eerste in een serie feesten op donderdagavond, speciaal voor studenten. En jij kunt gratis kaarten winnen!

Waar gaat het los dan?
11 November bij zandfoort aan de Eem! Met DJ Vincent en een surprise-act!

Win gratis kaarten voor dit feest!
Vul je naam en e-mailadres in. Trekt de organisatie jouw gegevens, dan win je 2 gratis kaarten voor I Love Dondernacht.

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Little info.

by beatfluence on Nov.09, 2010, under News

Sooo… Ive been away for a little while, off the radar.
Well, no quite.. To be honest ive just been doing some partying.. and aside from that i just started a new job.
And the first week didn’t begin as fun as i had hoped.
I had to get my ass to Assen Well that’s no fun trust me.. anyway the traveling time + the Exhausting-ness after i came back prevented me from everything. exept for sex and parties.
Wich of course also took it’s toll, I am Fucking tired..

But their’s a bright side. i’m beginning to get more sleep and more time so i will be back up and running in no time.
Without any special news to give you at the moment, it’s just these comfortable words..

EDIT : No i do have something to say! Guess what! –
Super 8-Bit and rocking are comming to the E-stores and will be available for purchase pretty damn soon.

Also got another track signed know under Codename: Unbelievable. But is renamed to “Dance With Me”


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