Back online!

by beatfluence on Oct.02, 2013, under News

Hi Guys,

It’s beatfluence here.
I’m glad to inform that we are finally back online!

A few months ago my website got hacked numerous times, Fortunatly i have had great support from my host and everything seems okay again.
Unfortunatly  my website has some defects as you can see, some pictures and social media buttons are missing.
This was the best i could do after the site got defaced by (still unkown)  hackers. the IT guys are looking in to this.

We are currently busy creating a new website.
ive placed a backup of the old  website (yeah i know, i should’ve made backups) we all make mistakes i guess.
but it’s going to  work out, i’ve hired a professional webdesign team to fix all this and manage the new website.

ETA : Sometime next month

Also there will be  two new EP’s and  an album coming to Itunes, Beatport, and the occasional freebies and sample packs + presets.
please be patient, new content and updates are comming soon!

- Beatfluence

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Beatfluence – Consequence of sound

by beatfluence on Jun.20, 2012, under News

Hey guys.

I haven’t been arround (again) but check it out! i’ve got some goodies for you to take!
Just finished my Tech-house Mini album. i’m giving these away for free. i hope you enjoy these tracks.
To all you Dj’s out there Do spin them in the clubs!

Click the image to start downloading!

Beatfluence - consequence of sound (2012)

Beatfluence (2012)


01 Beatfluence – Go fast (Original mix)
02 Beatfluence – Opening night (Original Mix)
03 Beatfluence – Floor heating (Original mix)
04 Beatfluence – Inside the woodz (Original mix)

05 Beatfluence – The frequency (Original mix)
06 Beatfluence – Mainstage (Original Mix)
07 Beatfluence – No Headroom (Original mix)
08 Beatfluence – Overcompression (Original mix)
09 Beatfluence – The Grid (Original mix)
10 Beatfluence – Midrange meltdown (Original mix)

Oh and click the pic to start the download ;) Let everyone know about this :)

These tracks are fo you guys!


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Some Tracks Randomly selected

by beatfluence on Feb.15, 2012, under MUSIC, News

Something to keep you occupied with, enjoy .

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by beatfluence on Feb.15, 2012, under News

Hey guys, sorry i’ve been away for so long on the website.
Those of you who have been following me on facebook! i thank you allot!
you all heard about me cancelling AIO Mixtape 3 right  i’m sorry it’s just that it does not fit into my life right now.

So, you can find me on the following albums at itunes and beatport.

Anyway… also i will be releasing an EP soon:

Thanks for reading this, and thanks for supporting me!

~ Beatfluemce.

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Beatfluence – Rythm at the plage

by beatfluence on Jul.20, 2011, under News

Hey guys,

Ready for some african/brazillian/latin vibes??! Download my latest mixtape! Rythm at the plage!
it has some awesome percussive tracks and it’s something that will keep you moving for sure.
Put those speakers on a nice 200% and let your personal party Roll!
Note: I used pay with a tweet :) wich means :  for my effort the only thing i ask of you is to spread the love and music by posting a tweet about this mixtape.. you wont be dissapointed!
(you can use facebook too)

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LOOT! (The loot Party!!)

by beatfluence on Jul.19, 2011, under News

Party Animals! De laatste tijd wel eens het idee gehad dat je “alweer” uitgaat in amersfoort… weer diezelfde avond & muziek?? En hebben jullie ook die gedachte gehad van… Is dit het beste wat Amersfoort kan verzinnen? Dat dachten de organisatoren van TheLootParty dus ook… Daarom hebben zij het LOOT! concept in het leven geroepen. en zijn ze bezig een FREAKIN HOT EVENT te realiseren… Als een statement tegen saaie zaterdagen in Amersfoort. Denk even aan een nacht lang live DJ’s, Latin/Dirty House, Minimal, Drum n’d Bass & MoomBahton !!! Niet voor watjes! Onze locatie blijft voorlopig nog geheim, alsmede de exacte datum. Wat we al wel kunnen aangeven is dat we nu druk bezig zijn, Expected September/Oktober 2011! Dus denk je… “Fucked up, get drunk and do the dance thing!” dat wil ik wel? Check dan regelmatig de link hieronder, and support & like it! Of volg ons op!/TheLootParty Knal Snoeihard op je linkermuisknop en druk nu op LIKE!

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Beatfluence – Super 8-Bit (Original Mix)

by beatfluence on Mar.06, 2011, under MUSIC, News

Hey Guys,

Sup! Beatfluence here :) finally bringing something to the table once again.
I’m finally allowed to give you a little taste of great sound’s that are comming to your local portal any time soon now.

Here’s a little sample of my new track:
Beatfluence – Super 8-bit (Original Mix)

This track will be released (as you can see ;) ) under the Housepital Records label.
Check out more about this label and of course all the other brilliant artists and there music at:
Or Twitter :

Peace! And of course, support the track.
Expect much more from me in the near future people!

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by beatfluence on Feb.21, 2011, under MUSIC, Other producers

912fe358de049713e44a881b0df8913f full TERRAVITA

With such heavy bassmongers like Mark Instinct and Vaski,  ‘Terravita,’ is no exception. These three manage to crank out an intense blend of house/dubstep / and drum n’ bass, despite coming from Boston…a rather unlikely place to produce such face tearing bass sounds. For the best example of their unique style check out their collab with Hot Pink Delorean. Enjoy my other pickings below!

Terravita – Whatever You Want (Feat. Hot Pink Delorean)

Terravita – Freak Out

Terravita – And The Beat Goes On

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by beatfluence on Feb.21, 2011, under News

timo copy 11 Betatraxx X EP

I don’t usually make more posts than i should have time for, But today is an exception. Betatraxx’s new “X” EP was release ALL FOR FREE yesterday and the links are posted below.  Our Electric Generation is helping produce two videos in conjunction with the release of the EP that should be done in the next month.  Keep an eye out for those. I’m a Critic and I must admit this EP is huge! Enough said, listen up

The X EP by BetatraXx

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SEIJI – SEIJI3 (Promo mix)

by beatfluence on Feb.21, 2011, under News

I’ve been following Seiji‘s productions for a while now and I must say his latest effort, Seiji3, contains his most refreshing tracks so far, especially Sticks. The digital version of Seiji3 will be released on today Feb. 21st, you can preview and order the vinyl version of the EP HERE. And for now you can enjoy and download this nice little promo mix. Tracklist after the jump.
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